San Sebastián... San Sebastián Del Pepino

Around the year 1752 in Puerto Rico a new town was founded in a large beautiful  valley protected by mountains.  The orginal name of this town was "San Sebastian de las Vegas" and it was also called "El Pepino", within the years the name of the town was shorten a few times and changed.  In 1765 it is documented as San Sabastian de Las Vegas y Pepino.  10 years later it is documented as Las Vegas y Pepino.  Around the year 1783 it is documented as Vegas and Pepino, the between the years 1893-1795 it was called Pepino.  The name Pepino was used until 1869.   Today this town is known as San Sebastian, but still some people call it San Sebastian del Pepino.   San Sebastian is the patron saint of the town and the word Pepino comes from a term used by the Spaniards to describe small mountain tops/hills that surrounded the town's valley.

The town is located in the Island's interior.  In general the terrain has lots of small hills and mountains.  It also has a some rivers that pass through it, Rio Grande de Añasco, Culebrinas, Guajataca and other steams.  It also has Lake Guajataca, which is one of biggest water reserves/lakes in Puerto Rico and is known for it's beauty and good fishing.  

San Sebastian's Flag:  The flag of San Sebastian is rectangular and divided into three parts.  The red part signifies the Saint Patron of the town San Sebastian Matir and the bloody battle of the Revolutionary revolt of Lares in San Sebastian.  The white crooked line represents the river Culebrinas.  The bottom green part represents the green mountains of San Sebastian.   

The Crest of San Sebastian: The 3 arrows represent the Patron Saint of the people, San Sebastian Martir which has been the official name of the town since 1869.  According to history, Saint San Sebastian Martir was killed by arrows, giving proof of his faith. The red color symbolizes some else besides the Saint, it also symbolizes the first blood shed of the liberation of Puerto Rico from Spain.  It was in the town of San Sebastian that a small liberation army of  volunteers  from Lares in a attempt to attack and occupy a Spanish base a battle arose, the Spanish Soldiers commanded by Venancio Roman killed all the followers of the liberation movement from Lares in that battle on the 24 of Sept. 1868.   The mountains represent the character of the Pepinos of San Sebastain.  The crowned castle wall shows the identification of the crest to be of a town, village or city. The branches of coffee and sugar cane represent the main products produced on the land.

Events: Fiestas Patronales, Saint Patron's Fiestas -January 
Festival de Reyes, Festival of the Kings - January
Festival de la Novilla, Festival of the Calfs. - January
Festival de la Hamaca, Festival of the Hammock  -July

Interesting places to visit: Barandillo
Cataratas de Robles
Cerro del Sombrero
Lago Guajataca and the restaurant Vista del Lago
Plaza del Mercado
Salto de Collazo

Sectors of San Sebastian, P.R.


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